Position:Development Manager
Release Date:2014-12-16
Genre:Real Time Strategy

Total War: ROME II - Wrath of Sparta

The Wrath of Sparta DLC was developed by Creative Assembly, published by SEGA and released 16 December 2014.

About the Game

Set in 432 BC at the outset of the Peloponnesian War, Wrath of Sparta is an entirely new campaign expansion for Total War: ROME II, is the earliest period that Total War has ever attempted.

As the legendary warriors of Sparta are called into open conflict against an arrogant Athens by scheming Korinthos and Boiotia, Wrath of Sparta challenges you to dominate the Hellenic world. However, while the City States vie for control of their homelands, across the Aegean sea the vengeful Persian Empire watches its old foe closely.

Across a bespoke campaign map focussing on a highly-detailed ancient Greece, the Greek Islands and the Ionian Coast, this campaign pack features all new tech-trees, battlefield and naval units, great wonders and famous Greek heroes. In addition, a flavour-packed focus on ancient Greek culture is delivered through many iconic athletic competitions and festivals.

Wrath of Sparta is a campaign pack like no other, bringing this desperate conflict to life in thrilling detail across hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Skills and Experience

One thing we did differently in Wrath of Sparta was to not include the new units in Custom Battle and Multiplayer Campaign. The idea was that because these were early units (historically) they wouln't stand up against the later stronger units, so would un-balance the game. Therefore the new Wrath of Sparta units were only in the Wrath of Sparta Campaign.

One feature that sticks out in my memory was the inclusion of the Olympics (or Pan-Helenic Games) in the campaign. The player could chose for their faction to take part, and would be rewarded if they did well. We also added more history and mythology on the selected regions on the Campaign map.