Position:Development Manager
Release Date:2015-03-26
Genre:Real Time Strategy

Total War: ATTILA - Celts

The Celts DLC was developed by The Creative Assembly, published by SEGA and released on 26 March 2015.

About the Game

The Celts Culture Pack brings three new playable factions to Total War: ATTILA, with 20 new units. The Picts, the Caledonians and the Ebdanians which may be used in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer battles.

Celtic forces specialise in ambush tactics and Guerrilla Deployment, and the DLC included s new Celtic roster with unique new units for each faction including:

  • New unique raiding building chain and Celtic-themed technologies.
  • Bespoke Celtic generals' skill trees.
  • Unique narrative event chain: Cycle of the Ollam Ri, and new Celtic missions for each faction.
  • This DLC added new Prestige buildings, with difficult challenges to unlock them, new building chains and Celtic themed technologies and skills.

    Skills and Experiences

    Total War: ATTILA - Celts was released just 3 weeks after Total War: ATTILA - Long Beards and Total War: ATTILA - Blood & Burning (which both came out 25th March 2015). We were aiming to get as much DLC out as quickly as possible after the release of Total War: ATTILA (17th February 2015), based on the idea that we'd have the most active players closest to the main game release.