Position:Development Manager
Release Date:2015-09-15
Genre:Real Time Strategy

Total War: ATTILA - Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand DLC was developed by Creative Assembly, published by SEGA and released 15 September 2015.

About the Game

The Empires of Sand Culture Pack brought the new playable factions Aksum, Himyar and Tanukhids to Total War: ATTILA. Each with their own unique units, mechanics and religion based features.

Because of the dramatic impact religious changes had on these cultures in this period, the Empires of Sand Culture Pack includes a number of changes that increase the importance of religion. There are three new religions available: Eastern Christianity, Judaism and Semitic Paganism.

Religion now has further-reaching effects, influencing many aspects of the Empires of Sands factions' campaign gameplay. It is deeply intertwined with a number of features including building chains, victory conditions, events, technologies and overall campaign bonuses.

The Tanukhids are a horde faction, representing a desert rebellion with a hyper-aggressive playstyle, plus a host of unique traits and features.

Each faction had a new building tree (34 new buildings), unique event chains and unit rosters (48 new units).

Skills and Experience

We developed a unique take on horde mechanics for the Tanukhid faction, including dynamic barrack unlocks which gave the faction access to defecting Roman units.