Position:Development Manager
Release Date:2015-12-10
Genre:Real Time Strategy

Total War: ATTILA - Age of Charlemagne

Age of Charlemagne DLC was developed by Creative Assembly, published by SEGA and released 10 December 2015.

About the Game

Age of Charlemagne is an epic expansion for Total War: ATTILA, set in the Middle Ages on an sprawling new campaign map of Europe.

The brand new Age of Charlemagne Campaign map is focused in on Europe from the year 768AD. With 52 conquerable provinces, it provides a detailed and vibrant geopolitical starting position, offering hundreds of hours of potential gameplay.

Age of Charlemagne includes eight playable factions (Kingdom of Charlemange, Avars, Emirate of Cordoba, Kingdom of Asturius, Kingdom of Mercia, Kingdom of the Danes, Kingdom of the Lombards and Westphalia), each one featuring its own faction traits, unit roster and unique and challenging conditions under which they can be named a 'kingdom' in their own right.

p>Each faction benefits from increased specialisation in their faction traits, units and access to specific game features, creating distinctly different play styles, challenges and experiences no matter which you choose for your Campaign.

Age of Charlemagne included over 300 all new units to better reflect the advancing warfare of the period, characterised by more heavily armed and armoured infantry and an increasing prevalence of cavalry of all categories, especially the emergence of knights in the Norman style for the first time.

Skills and Experience

One thing I was proud of on Age of Charlemagne, is how this felt like a total overhaul of ATTILA, because we not only added the new things for a campaign pack (new map, new factions, new units etc, we also changed the art style of the UI which refreshed. We used a Middle Age art style similar to illuminated manuscripts for the unit cards, and a stained glass window style for the technology and building icons.

Each playable faction has a unique set of challenging 'Kingdom' requirements to meet for the dedicated and shrewd player. Once achieved, you will be able to declare a new Kingdom name for your faction, reflecting or altering history in your wake.

In addition, each faction will received tailored narrative story events, offering distinct challenges and dilemmas as the Campaign unfolded. Historically-inspired, some choices will lead you further to that faction's original destiny, or the player could calve a new path of their own.