Position:Development Manager
Release Date:2017-02-28
Genre:Real Time Strategy

Total War: WARHAMMER - Old World Edition

The Old World Edition was developed by Creative Assembly, published by SEGA and released 28 February 2017.

About the Game

The Old World Editon is boxed retail update to Total War: WARHAMMER, including a new Faction Pack called Bretonnia.

The publicly and critically acclaimed Total War: WARHAMMER is the fastest-selling Total War title ever; joining the unique turn-based empire-building and real-time epic warfare of Total War with Games Workshop's world of Warhammer Fantasy battles.

This latest edition of the game adds yet more new content on top of a huge core game, as the knightly orders of Bretonnia join the fray!

In addition to providing hundreds of hours of gameplay, at retail this version comes packaged with an exclusive and must-have new novella, telling the origin story of one of Warhammer's most iconic heroes for the very first time, through the eyes of the Advisor.

The Bretonnia content includes:

  • New playable race for Grand Campaign, with expanded roster for custom and multiplayer battles
  • Free download for all existing Total War: WARHAMMER (including Old World Edition) owners
  • Embark on campaigns as three new Legendary Lords: Louen Leoncoeur (Bretonnia), Alberic (Bordeleaux), and The Fay Enchantress (Carcassonne)
  • Chivalry, Peasant Economy and Knightly Vows impart the flavor of the Bretonnian race through meaningful new gameplay mechanics
  • Summon the legendary Green Knight when the need is dire
  • Comprehensive new Bretonnian army roster
  • Errantry Wars endgame objective pits you against your foes in cataclysmic battle

  • Skills and Experience

    There were two sides to developing the Old World Edition. Creating the boxed retail version with the publisher (SEGA), and creating the Bretonnia content with the New Content Team at Creative Assembly. Publishing the Old World Edition followed the usual processes; picking a build of the game to print on discs (this was the released Karak Eight Peaks version), sending this build for age ratings (completing all the forms and providing the assets and game footage to the ratings bodies), testing the install process and the game, once it came back on silver discs from the publisher, and providing information for and reviewing the packaging. Additionally there was a free Novella (story) which went out with The Old World Edition, which was packaged in for most users and delivered on Steam as a download for others. I managed the publishing side of the Old World Edition with SEGA Europe.

    The Bretonnia Faction pack was the largest Free-LC we had developed for Total War: WARHAMMER, and also included an additional free Legendary Lord called Isabella Von Carstein (as part of a Valentine's Day Steam Promotion, called 'Make War Not Love'). We carefully managed the scope of the Bretonnia content, and picked the features that we felt were the strongest at the design phase, to carry forward into production. It was a fairly comfortable project to make, as the New Content Team were very experienced with WARHAMMER DLC at this point. We managed to get a lot of flavor to make the Bretonnia faction play differently to the other factions in the game, and conveyed lots of their lore in the gameplay.

    Alongside all of this, we released the 'Total War: WARHAMMER - Assembly Kit BETA v2' (the modding tools including the battle map edit) to the public. As all of this content was free, and well made, we generated a lot of positive sentiment from the community and saw a large spike in players.