Position:Lead QA Tester
Release Date:2008-09-02
Platform(s):Nintendo DS


Pictoimage was developed by SKonec in 2008 and published by SEGA. I worked on this title as a Lead Quality Assurance Tester for SEGA Europe.

About the Game

Pictoimage was a Nintendo DS game based on the Pictionary board game. Whether you draw stick figures or virtual masterpieces, jump into 8-player battles where the first team to guess the image being drawn wins! Pick from a huge word list, even add in some of your own words, and show off your favourite drawings in the gallery.

The single player mode consists of 300 pictures drawn by people of all ages, from 4 upwards, and you simply guess what the picture is. When you get it right you're awarded points, and then you move onto the next picture.

Skills and Experiences

This was a localisation project, so the game itself was finished. I was responsible for testing the English was correct throughout the game, and reporting / bugging when it was wrong. I remember testing the multiplayer with 8 Nintendo DS units at once. There were only a few of us working on this project.