Position:Senior QA Tester
Release Date:2007-08-28
Genre:Real Time Strategy

Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms

Medieval II: Total War was developed by The Creative Assembly in 2007 and published by SEGA. I worked on this title as a Senior Quality Assurance Tester for SEGA Europe. I worked on the full test cycle of this game

About the Game

Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms is the expansion to the 2006 turn-based strategy PC game Medieval II: Total War. It was developed by Creative Assembly. The expansion was released on 28 August 2007. The game has four new campaigns: the first wave of European colonization of the Americas, the series of wars (including the Welsh Conquest, the Irish Invasion, the Scottish-Norwegian War, the Scottish Independence War and the Barons' Rebellion) fought on British Isles during the 13th century, the Third and Fourth Crusades, and the Northern Crusades.

The American Campaign began in 1521 and was themed aroundthe early colonisation of America from the vantage point of VNew Spain, the Aztec Empire, the Mayans, the Apachean Tribes, the Chichimeca Nations, the Confederacy of Tlaxcala, Trascan State, and the non-playable factions of New France and the British Hondurans.

The Bretannia Campaign focused on a large campaign map of the British Isles, where The Kingdom of England battled Scotland, Gaelic Ireland, the Principality of Wales and the Kingdom of Norway. This campaign was culture based, where the traditional religion mechanics from previous Total War wgames was replaced with the idea of speading culture. It also featured permanent stone forts, which were automatically repaired after each battle.

The Crusades Campaign began in 1174 following The Kingdom of Jerusalem led by Richard Lionheart and the Principality of Antioch and Republic of Venice as the western powers crusaded against the Byzantine Empire, Seljuq Empire, Ayyubid Sultanate and Mongol Empire.

The Teutonic Campaign was et in the middle of the Norther Crusades. The Teutonic order are ruthless and a threat not only to the Pagans but, to the whole countries. The Orders best units can only be recruited from heavily Christian areas, and they have no Family tree mechanic.

Skills and Experiences

The interesting element of Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms was the variation between the 4 campaigns. They all offered different playstyles and flavours of Total War. I especially remember the Crusade Campaign had a unique system, where you had to capture and hold "Power Centres", which were certain major settlements held by each faction. The player damaged the enemy factions by capturing their "Power Centres" and then had to hold and defend them while simultaneously trying to build up and army to capture more.

This project was similar to working on Medieval II: Total War. My main objective and responsibility was bug reporting. Finding as many bugs as possible and clearly writing up where they happened, and how to reproduce the issues. Also regressing other testers bugs once they were "clamed fixed".

Due to my experience on the Total War series by this point, and repeatedly entering the most bugs per project, I was promoted to "Senior Tester" on this project, and responsible for training some new starters.