Position:Lead QA Tester
Release Date:2007-09-28
Genre:Racing Game
Platform(s):Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable (PSP)

SEGA Rally

SEGA Rally (also released as SEGA Rally Revo in north America) was developed by SEGA Racing Studio in 2007 and published by SEGA. I worked on this title as a Senior Quality Assurance Tester for SEGA Europe.

About the Game

SEGA Rally was a 2007 reboot of the classic 1994 arcade series of the same name. This version featured 34 vehicles and 16 tracks split across 4 environments. SEGA Rally will encourage players to put the pedal to the metal and enjoy thrilling head-to-head racing. Skilled driving will go hand-in-hand with pure luck as you hurtle around looping tracks in a wide selection of 4WD, 2WD & Classic vehicles that react quite differently depending upon the racing surface. SEGA Rally offers a vast variety of fully deformable environments and surfaces, from littered gravel tracks, all weather tarmac roads, to snow driven trails - no two laps let alone a race will ever be the same!

Skills and Experiences

For testing, SSEGA Rally came as a welcome break from the Total War Series. It was exciting to test, and it was a game you could learn to master. I remember we tested the game with steering wheel hardware, and had to test the PS3 Six Axis tilt controls, which were also supported for steering.

I didn't start on this project from the beginning, so when I got onto it, it was in a pretty solid state. The PSP and PC versions less so, but by the time we released them, they were cleaned up.